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Nick, I was going to say this when I saw you, but I think almost every dealer/broker/manufacturer I spoke to at the show said to me, totally unsolicited, that they really trusted and rated your reviews. Haines couldn't believe you spent nine hours on the boat.
I can only thank you on behalf of MBM!
Rob Peake - Motor Boats Monthly Editor

Hi Nick
Thank you for the cracking review on the 29, hugely appreciated and hopefully will give us some good results. Is there any chance of a PDF version that you could send across for me?
Windy will be thrilled.
Ben Toogood
Windy Sales Manager
Windy 29 Coho review : Issue February 2014

Nick, Absolutely brilliant - and so glad to hear you share my thoughts exactly! And I must say that, between the lines, you've done a marvellous job of mixing speed (as in jumping out of the water as much as you dare show) with the aura of the boat.
Thanks so much for catching the flavour of the boat.
Best regards,
David Adams
Levi Corsair : Issue December 2013

...However, the article in Motor Boar monthly is just brilliant and I have ordered extra copies for the family. Ditto the video
Nick, I will keep the article forever so thanks for doing such a great job. I can't reminder if you sent me JPEGs of the photos but if this is acceptable, I would love to have some photos run off..
Best regards
Keith Williams
Owner - Sessa Key Largo 34 : Issue November 2013

Dear Nick Thank you for this, this is really fantastic, we enjoyed it very much. Well done !!!! I would grateful if you have a spare copy or two of the magazine review, and I assume we still have permission to forward the link on our website and for any marketing purposes etc.
Thanks again,
Matthew Young
Lead Yacht Broker
'Total Indulgence' Used Oyster 43LD & Sunseeker Superhawk 43 : Issue October 2013

Hi Nick, I loved the Targa issue- thank you. Beautifully written. I think the easiest thing about the Phantom 43 is to call and we can chat.
James Barke
1988/2012 Fairline Targa twin test : Issue June 2013

Dear Carl,
We have just received our May issue of MBM featuring the 285 Conquest Boat Test. What a great read - that's what we call a REAL boat test!
Please pass on our thanks to Nick, not only for his bravery, but for submitting such a positive and honest article, and many thanks to you and your team for featuring Boston Whaler in this month's magazine. Would it be possible to purchase further copies for members of our staff and sub-dealers of the current issue (May), and April and March issues (8 each if possible)
Many thanks if you can help.
Very best regards
Deborah Culpan
Dorset Yacht Company Limited
Boston Whaler
Boston Whaler 285 Conquest : Issue May 2013

The write up on the Turchese 24 all looked great.
Well done and thanks.
Kindest regards
Russell Hayden
Salterns Brokerage
Used Cranchi 24 Turchese review : Issue March 2013

Hi Nick,
Just a brief note to say thank you for such a brilliantly written report on the Marex 320. I've just had a look at the video too which is superb...and even with the awful conditions on the day, Graham got some great footage and photos.
So thanks again, and we look forward to catching up with you again soon. If we don't speak before...Happy Christmas!
Best regards,
Marex 320 review : Issue January 2013

Hi Nick,
All is well. Sorry I havn't got back to you earlier. The Article was fantastic. Actually surprised me a bit. I didn't realise how much you were 'On the Job' the whole time you were here.
I really liked it and it was delivered very accurately. Quite the writer you are. I am proud to know you. I often reflect on that event. I think it was about one of the best times I have had in many years and that was only to see our world, through your eyes, if only for a while. Going to the UK makes me understand the differences between our cultures (allbeit subtle) and really appriciate the fun we had and your point of view. Still trying to get somthing together to come over there. Time of year or weather make no difference.
You're always welcome here
Take care
James Launder, owner of the original Miami Vice Scarab
'Dream Machine' - Original Miami Vice Scarab driven : Issue March 2012

Just back from Vancouver. Rushed into Smiths!
Couldn't have described it better myself. A very accurate description of the theory behind the hull.
Excellent editorial comment.
Thank you again.
Ian Lund
Owner - Winchester Yachts
Winchester 20 review : Issue Sept 2012

Dear Nick
How very nice to meet someone who actually knows the subject so thoroughly he writes about.
If you need to take the boat out again next week I am reasonably sure we can help.
Kind regards
Owner - Solent Spear 'Barchi' : Issue September 2012

Congratulations on a fine professional article, you managed to cover all aspects of the boat with utmost precision and the photos looked fantastic too. The penny did finally drop with the inset photo, originally thinking it was Sean Connery until Jayne dutifully pointed out it was a photo of me!!!
Well done and have placed the mag proudly with other artefacts of affection that we can look back on from time to time.
Alan Addis
Owner - Sunseeker 20 Mustang 'Mustang Sally' : Issue Sept 2014